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Fried Chicken Ramen Burger Fans, This Pop-up Is for You

Keizo Shimamoto's famous Ramen Burger will be available, for four flavor-strong hours, at Kashiwa Ramen in Costa Mesa.

Keizo Shimamoto/Kashiwa Ramen

What to Know

  • Kashiwa Ramen at 1420 Baker St., Suite C in Costa Mesa
  • Tuesday, June 29 from 5 to 9 p.m.; the first 20 people in line will enjoy the Fried Chicken Ramen Burger combo for free
  • 100 burgers will be available; combos are $20 each

Fried chicken sandwiches continue to enjoy their crispy-coated, corn flake-flavorful, spice-savory, piquantly perfect time on the culinary stage, with new places opening their doors with delightful regularity.

But for many aficionados of the hearty and holdable sandwich?

It really comes down to the bun, how it is baked, and what ingredients it boasts, whether it is brioche, pretzel, or that classic bun-flavored (you know that quintessential bun flavor we speak of, surely).

Finding a well-made ramen bun, though, for a well-made fried chicken sandwich?

Discovering such an unusual dining delight is probably one of most tantalizing of food-based goals, a rare event of incredibly tasty and textural proportions.

If you haven't yet experienced the singular texture and consistency of the ramen bun, prepare to let the appetite-based excitement build, for a fried chicken ramen burger pop-up is headed for Costa Mesa on Tuesday, June 29.

Keizo Shimamoto's much-celebrated Ramen Burger will be available at Kashiwa Ramen from 5 to 9 p.m. on June 29, good news for any lover of this uncommon delectable.

And speaking of uncommon? Here's something kind: If you're one of the first 20 people in line, you'll score the Fried Chicken Ramen Burger combo for free.

But wait: There will only be 100 burgers made and sold, so you'll want to arrive as soon as you're able, as supplies will run out.

The toppings and additions? Alex's Yuzu Kewpie coleslaw brings the creaminess, while Hideto's Sakura Tartar Sauce adds depth (more ingredients can be found here).

What's in the combo? You'll also get a side of tori shio ramen fries, and a soft drink, too.

The price is $20, if you can't arrive early enough to queue for the giveaway.

And if you're in the mood for something more spirited than a soda? Look for a special selection of sakes on the pour, with Nova Brewing Co. visiting for the celebratory occasion. (Sakes are priced separately, do note).

The evening will truly be celebratory: Michelin chef Hideto Kawahara, the co-owner of Kashiwa Ramen, will be arriving from Japan to take part in the festivities.

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