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Frontline Workers Can FaceTime With This Therapy Pup

Richochet, a San Diego-based surf dog, is offering healthcare and essential workers a few minutes of virtual loving looks and peaceful companionship.


What to Know

  • Ricochet is a surf dog based in San Diego County
  • The pup often works with active duty military members
  • Healthcare and essential workers can schedule a FaceTime with her

If you've ever asked your dad, your spouse, or your kid to "put the dog on the phone," while you were busy running out and about, then you know the soothing sweetness that comes from connecting with your canine, even when it is screen-to-screen.

Animal connection has long been a source of comfort for we humans, and that's seen today in the thousands of therapy animals that regularly visit schools, nursing homes, and anywhere a little floppy-eared, tongue-out tenderness is needed.

The coronavirus closures changed all that, at least temporarily, but some Fidos are still out there, lending some love to those healthcare professionals on the frontlines.

Ricochet, a gorgeous Golden Retriever from San Diego County, is one of those peace-bringing pups. The red-haired hound has become famous for her chops on a surfboard, but she also serves the community, near and far, as a therapy dog.

In fact, the Very Good Girl is "... one of ten certified, goal-directed therapy dogs that participates in Pawsitive Teams’ Canine Inspired Community Reintegration (CICR) program, a collaboration with Naval Medical Center San Diego."

Ricochet is currently on call for healthcare and essential workers looking for a virtual session, via FaceTime, with a therapy pup.


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Ricochet's human, Judy Fridono, is offering "... Virtual Canine Therapy to doctors, nurses, other healthcare workers, and first responders on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic," the brave and tireless people who could use a moment of eye contact with an animal.

That's the virtual end of this process: eye contact, for obviously there's no petting nor scritching nor kissing of floppy ears in person.

"In every other crisis, therapy dogs are called upon to provide comfort and healing," reveals Ricochet's team. "But, due to social distancing and quarantine, animal assisted therapy programs have been suspended." 

But you can spend a meaningful moment with Ricochet, via a screen, indulging in eye contact, and getting to know her, which may soothe and cheer.

How can a healthcare or essential worker schedule a few minutes, via FaceTime, with this noble therapy animal? And not only gaze upon her sweet face but get to know about what she does?

Schedule a time with Ms. Fridono at

Don't quite have time for a quick virtual meet-up with Ricochet? There's a slideshow up now, on his site, filled with her tender glances and adorable face.

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