Giant Potato to Visit Agoura Hills

The Famous Idaho Potato Tour will "eye" the Great Race of Agoura Hills.

The Famous Idaho Potato Tour

Our live-large region has seen some fairly large and fairly unlikely things pull into town, things that happen to be sitting atop a set of wheels.

We're sort of used to it, as SoCalers. After all, twinkly floats parade down Disneyland's Main Street each night, and flower-covered behemoths roll down Colorado Boulevard on New Year's Day (cheers, Rose Parade).

But the last few years have seen a possible uptick in odd items on the go. There have been famous scientific and artistic objects rolling down our roads -- we're sending a respectful greeting in your direction, Space Shuttle Endeavour, and to you, too, LACMA's Levitated Mass -- and there've been the offbeat, like recent hellos from the Casper Nap Tour trailer, the Holiday Inn Pancake Selfie Express, and the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Next up? A supernaturally sizable spud, one that's attached to a titan of a truck. It's the Big Idaho Potato, and it is part of The Famous Idaho Potato Tour, a tour that's making a stop in Agoura Hills on Saturday, March 19. 

Yes, that is the date of the Dole Great Race of Agoura Hills, a hill-rolly, pleasant-of-terrain ramble through some of the chappareliest country this side of the Pacific Ocean. Several events dot the major run, and after-happening, so if you're participating, or cheering someone on, get the lowdown.

And get the 411 on the mondo potato, just in case you see it cooking down the 101 ahead of the race or post-finish line. If you miss the tuber on the 19th, it'll make for Cathedral City in the days following, and then Los Angeles proper.

Which means you could be at a stoplight, waiting for the green, only to see a mega-tater to your right. Will the people back at the office believe you, though, once you've told them about the wonder you beheld?

Well, when a six-ton potato comes to town, word travels rather quickly. The tour HQ also says this fascinating factoid: If you wanted to cook the truck potato, it would take you two years and nine months. As for how many French fries it would make? An easy mil and a half.

Will French fry sales go up wherever it toodles around town? Those who see it may get a hankering for something that's fried and covered in ketchup.

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