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Give Blood at Huntington Hospital, Get a Vroman's Coupon

Help the Pasadena hospital during the month of December and receive 30% off at the nearby bookstore, Southern California's oldest.

Vroman's Bookstore

What to Know

  • Through December 2020
  • Call 626-397-5422 to make a donation appointment
  • Blood donors will receive a coupon good for 30% off at the independent bookstore

It can be a delight and a surprise to find out that two neighbors who you are acquainted with already know each other, and, indeed, share a long side-by-side history.

And if Huntington Hospital and Vroman's Bookstore aren't exactly "side-by-side" geographically — they sit about 15 minutes apart, by car — they both began their long, long run in the Crown City at around the same time: The first half of the 19th century's final decade.

As we weren't around in the early 1890s to witness the establishment of the esteemed Pasadena medical facility, nor the indie icon, a Colorado Boulevard bastion of books, we can now see one endearing aspect of their enduring friendship.

And how that friendship is shining a light on locals who wish to give back.

For if you make an appointment in December to give blood at Huntington Hospital, you won't just receive a package of crackers and a juice box after your donation is done (tasty, though, crackers and juice definitely are).

The hospital is treating blood donors to a 30% off coupon to Vroman's Bookstore, all December long.

Parking is validated, and the addresses where you'll donate and pick up your coupon are listed on this page.

Vroman's Bookstore, like so many local shops, has faced a number of challenges in 2020, a year that's seen numerous small business closures, both temporary and permanent, due to the pandemic.

The historic bookporium sent out the call in September that it needed the public's support to stay open, and the public responded in a big, book-loving way.

Now that neighborhood spirit shines in this latest show of gratitude from Huntington Hospital, as it sends the love to a local favorite.

And, of course, blood donors are sending out the ultimate expression of connection, gratitude, and, yes, love out to the community, by stopping by and donating "the gift of life," a warm-hearted act that takes just an hour or so, give or take, to complete.

Schedule your appointment now, then enjoy your 30% off at a beloved bookstore.

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