Go Back to The Grove's Drive-In Past at a New Rooftop Cinema

Iconic cars from four featured films will visit the shopping center's new Level 8 Drive-In, thanks to a partnership with the Petersen Automotive Museum.

What to Know

  • Free, but reservations are a must
  • June 26, July 31, Aug. 28, Sept. 25
  • Uber Lounge offers seating outside of the vehicles

You may have, on occasion, invited your neighbor over to watch a movie at your house.

You might have even co-hosted a backyard screening for the kids on the block.

But getting together with your down-the-street buddy, to see if that pal can lend you some super-famous cars, all while you stage a pop-up drive-in, atop the parking structure belonging to one of the most famous shopping centers around, which is an ode to the actual drive-in that once sat in that spot?

It's all pretty cinematic, as far as neighbor/neighbor movie events go.

But when you're dealing with The Grove, and the Petersen Automotive Museum, which sits just a few blocks south of The Grove on Fairfax Avenue, things are going to get mighty iconic, in addition to neighborly.

And mighty free, too.

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For the brand-new Level 8 Drive-In, which will pop up on top of The Grove's parking structure over three 2019 summer nights as well as an evening in early fall, is a complimentary, pay-nothing event.

That said, reservations are a must. Start here to make yours.

Before we squeal over the cinematic offerings, and the movie star cars in attendance (spoiler alert), let's first remember the long-gone Gilmore Drive-In Movie Theater, which operated near Third Street and Fairfax Avenue from 1948-1979.

Did you go? Do you remember it? You can revisit the alfresco theater, in spirit, by parking in perhaps the very same spot where you last parked your car decades ago.

As for the four coming-up films, as well as the four famous cars that'll be in attendance?

"Grease" screens on June 26 (look for Grease Lightening to be there, vroom vroom).

"The Great Gatsby" is scheduled for July 31, so keep an eye out for the film's red 1932 Duesenberg.

"Back to the Future" time-travels to Aug. 28, and, yep, a certain DeLorean'll be in the house, er, on top of the parking garage.

And rounding it all out on Sept. 25?

"Iron Man," oh yes. Tony Stark's fabulous Ford Flathead Roadster will stop by for the final night of the series. 

Do we love this news 3000? Oh yes, we really do.

They're all Wednesday nights, it's all presented by Citi, and while this is for sure a drive-in, there'll be an  Uber Lounge, with "plush" seating, for those vehicle-free attendees.

The upshot? You've got a famous shopping center, a famous car museum's famous cars, and the sweet memories of the legendary drive-in that once sat where The Grove is today.

Plus? Admission has been vamoosed.


So hello there, Level 8 Drive-In. Summer has finally arrived, and the pedal has met the metal.

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