Go with the Poe at This Immersive Theater Experience

Don your sleuthing hat and roam Heritage Square, where a twisty mystery, themed to the macabre author, will unfold.

What to Know

  • June 7 through Aug. 17, 2019 (17 performances)
  • Heritage Square Museum
  • $35 per ticket; $25 opening weekend special

Going with the flow while enjoying a theatrical production?

To do so, you'll want to keep to your seat, and remain quiet, and stay engaged with what's happening on stage. 

But if you're following an actor around? All to unknot a mystery? One involving one of our country's most esteemed authors, the man behind "The Raven" and "The Fall of the House of Usher" and so many sinister, skin-prickly stories?

You'll want to go with the Poe, and stay on the move, and investigate the thornier thickets found within the Downtown Repertory Theater Company's "The Assassination of Edgar Allan Poe."

The immersive theater experience, which involves audience members keeping close to performers as they visit various locations around the oh-so-Victorian location of Heritage Square Museum, is not a sit-still sort of affair.

Rather, you'll have the opportunity to move about as you pop into a particular storyline, all to determine what might have occurred at the very end of Mr. Poe's life.

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"A spectator could view the production 24 times and never see the same show twice. If you've only seen it once, you haven't seen it at all," says director Devon Armstrong.

There are 15 actors in all, and "... opportunities for audience members to arrive at their own conclusions about what really happened during Poe's final days."

The production popped up at Pico House in downtown LA in 2018 during its workshopping period.

There will be 17 performances in all this summer, stretching from June 7 through Aug. 17, and opening weekend tickets are discounted to $25.

Can't make June 7, 8, or 9? A regular ticket is $35.

And, yes, you'll want to don comfortable shoes, for you'll be mobile, hither and thither around the clutch of Victorian buildings that sit so handsomely, and a little imposingly, alongside the 110 Freeway, north of downtown.

Do you love a good mystery, and "The Master of the Macabre," and Heritage Square, and a theatrical happening that has you hopping?

No need to settle into your seat for this one. You'll be on the Poe, we mean go, attempting to ferret out the details of a literary-flavored whodunit.

It's no bleak December, currently, but it is a gloomy June as this play sweeps into Heritage Square.

And the visitor rapping at your chamber door? It just might be a raven, pointing his beak not at a bust of Pallas but at this ticket page.

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