Happy 25th, Jamba Juice: Free Classic Smoothie Giveaway

The fruit-plus blend-it shop celebrates by handing out three favorite sips.

Want to suggest a fictional character is a Californian? Pop culture has delivered us myriad ways to do so.

For instance, just have some characters discuss their favorite secret ways of getting around the city during rush hour. (Hello, "Saturday Night Live" and "The Californians," a portrayal that's as accurate as it is funny.) Or make them talk about surfing, the Santa Anas, and fish tacos. And have them say "the" before saying the number of a freeway. (We all do this, pretty much, much to the amusement of non-Golden Staters.)

Oh, and have your Californian drink smoothies. Like, you know, with juice, plus extra stuff.

The smoothie, of course, existed before Jamba Juice, that blend-it purveyor of fruit-plus-boosters-plus-breakfast-breads, debuted in San Luis Obispo back in 1990. But Jamba Juice -- or just "Jamba," if you please, if you're a tried-and-true Californian -- took the notion of the smoothie beyond the bespoke juicery and into strip malls, shopping centers, and major attractions.

Jamba is turning 25 and the company's stores are throwing a big birthday giveaway. The berry-scented upshot? Be at your local Jamba Juice on Thursday, April 23 from 9 to 11 a.m. and score one of three classic smoothies, for free.

Those smoothies include a 12-ounce Tropical Greens, a small Caribbean Passion, or a small Strawberries Wild.

You noted the time, right? You'll be there at 9 in the morning or at least before 11 a.m. rolls around? Don't arrive late and be totally bummed out. (Another oh-so-California saying, according to everyone.)

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And while we've saluted Jamba's West Coast roots -- it is now headquartered in Emeryville, charmingly just a spin around the corner from Pixar -- this birthday deal will be wide, around the country, on April 23.

So, no, like, you don't have to take The 405 to The 10 to your favorite Jamba Juice shop if you're not even, like, in California.

Wait. Do Californians really say "like" that much? Okay, pop culture, you, like, have your fun with us. We're chill as smoothies out here, and as sweet, too.

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