Happy Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Yum: Milk Jar Cookies has a with-purchase giveaway on.

One of the common and brain-tickling twists in a time-travel flick is the notion that, within a single room or house, it is always a particular day or year, no matter what the date beyond the room might be.

A lot of us feel like it is always National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day within the confines of our kitchen. The calendar can say what it will, and the world beyond our pantry can move forward, but National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day remains a steadfast and delicious constant in our day-to-day lives.

But there really is such a holiday — May 15, each and every year — and some sweets-selling shops do, in fact, honor it, as so many of us honor it, each and every day, May 15 or not, in our own homes.

Whether your local cookie hut'll be marking the day is a beautiful mystery, but swinging by to support what they do, and see what's baking, is always a great idea.

Milk Jar Cookies, on Wilshire a few blocks from the tar pits, is honoring the holiday with a get-a-free-cookie-with-purchase deal. Nope, your purchase doesn't need to be giganto, or especially big, to qualify. A cup of coffee'll nab you that chocolate chip cookie.

Making the holiday at the busy treat emporium even more festive? Milk Jar Cookies typically shutters on Mondays, but will stay open for the chewy, milk-dippable occasion. They want to connect customers to that free-with-purchase goodie, and if observing Monday hours is the way to go, well, that's how this cookie crumbles.

Is it always National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day in your kitchen? Morever, in your heart? You're not alone, maven of melty-chipped dessert-perfect staples.

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