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Happy Pawcasso Day: Give an Animal Artist a Loving Home

LA County Animal Care and Control is showing off pups and their paintings on social media, with the hope of placing dogs with hound-loving humans.

LA County Animal Care and Control

What to Know

  • Monday, Oct. 25
  • LA County Animal Care and Control will post paintings created by shelter dogs on social media throughout the day
  • If you adopt one of the pups, you'll receive their artwork, too; just be sure to make an appointment before visiting an adoption center

Let's get straight to the heart of the point we'd like to make here: All four-footed, tail-wagging, snout-snarfling, scratch-my-belly-ing beings are pretty much geniuses, which anyone who has ever met a dog for two seconds knows.

Claiming otherwise is to admit you've never encountered a canine, because if you had, you surely would be singing the praises of pups, and their numerous abilities, each and every day.

But if you'd like to see some of those abilities on dazzling display, and maybe-possibly-hopefully bring one of these brainy babies into your home, in a forever kind of way, check out the social feeds of Los Angeles Animal Care and Control on Monday, Oct. 25.

LA County Animal Care and Control

For the last Monday of the tenth month has been dubbed Pawcasso Day, a name that tells you that wonderful things, of the most art-strong variety, are trotting our way.

And so they are: "In recognition of International Artist Day, DACC is hosting 'Pawcasso Day' where selected dogs have created their own paintings over the weekend."

"The dogs and their paintings will be showcased on our social media platforms today. If you adopt any of the featured dogs today or after, you'll also take home the artwork that the dog created," shared the Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC).

Did you even finish reading that sentence, or have you rushed over to the nearest wall to create some space?

Talk about a quirky conversation piece: A real work of art that united you with a bestie.

Will there be a bigger treasure in your household? This beautiful picture may require its very own wall, now that we think about it.

And best of all?

The artist of the piece will be right there at your side, though, let's be honest, when we say "right there at your side" we mean squarely on your lap, probably licking your face in utter sweetness and gratitude.

Do keep in mind that you'll need to make an appointment before visiting an adoption center, so do "bone" up on all you need to know at the Department of Animal Care and Control site.

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