Hats Off, Er, On to Long Beach Crawfish Festival

Zydeco tunes and zingy vittles will fill Rainbow Harbor with flavor and zazz.

What to Know

  • July 27 through 29, 2018
  • Rainbow Lagoon Park
  • Tickets vary; one-day admission at the gate is $15

Can a cool thing be hot? Can a hot thing be cool?

It sounds like an old-school parlor game, or some kind of a mind-bender of a philosophical question, but there's the straight-up answer: absolutely.

For you can attend a mighty cool event on a mighty hot day, and, indeed, we mean cool in the descriptive and delightful sense, when the eats, the crowd, and the tunes are all highly pleasing.

They all possess, in short, oodles of flavor, thus making them "cool," even on a sweat-summoning afternoon.

Such will be the cool/hot combo found at Rainbow Lagoon Park from Friday, July 27 through to Sunday, July 29, when the Long Beach Crawfish Festival dances back into the hearts of ready-to-revel fans.

And we do mean "dance," for live New Orleans-style sounds provide the soundtrack to swing by.

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So, yes, you'll get your Zydeco moving in, for sure, if it has been too long. Or not too long. If you love to dance, you've got to dance.

Haven't Zydeco'd in awhile? There shall be lessons, woohoo.

Or perhaps it is all about the plates, or what's on the plates, for you, so check it out: "(T)ons of crawfish prepared Louisiana style by an authentic master chef in the world's largest crawfish pots" will be the savory centerpiece, with catfish, gumbo, jambalaya, beans and rice, bread pudding, and other goodies bringing up the sides.

There are general admission tickets, that don't include food, as well as tickets that put you in front of a crawfish feast or crawfish bucket.

Best decide what your noshing situation should be before buying your entry.

Also good to note? "Fat Friday" on July 27 is an evening-only experience.

Ready for that cool/hot experience?

For Zydeco, authentic NOLA-delish dishes, ocean breezes, and a Bourbon Street-sweet scene? Dance your way to Rainbow Harbor for three days of eating/moving.

Hours, prices, and good stuff are thisaway. And, yes: Chances are high you'll don a crawfish hat at some point during your visit, as is head-topping tradition at this summer-bright bash.

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