Idyllwild Arts to Feature 24 Hours of Fantastic Performances

The school is famous for its artists, singers, and major contributors to our culture; now enjoy a host of clips during this joyful, song-filled fundraiser.

Idyllwild Arts Academy

What to Know

  • June 6-7, noon to noon
  • Tune in for a line-up of free-to-see performances from IAA alumni
  • The event will spotlight will include "... fashion and dance to film and musical performances - along with messages from alumni"

There are vibrant nexuses in this world, points where people meet, join together, create great things, fashion memorable ideas, and leave with a stronger sense of self, their craft, and how they can connect with the world.

The Idyllwild Arts Academy has long been one of those special spots.

The mountain-based boarding school has seen a host of luminaries find their voices, skills, and talents there over the decades, both during the academic year and through a host of arts-focused summer programs.

Now many of those artists will return, on June 6 and 7, to present a full day of entertainment via a line-up of pre-recorded clips and presentations.

The reason?

To spotlight the founded-in-1946 academy, to give people at home the chance to enjoy a host of terrific performances during this time of theater closures, and to help fundraise for the school's future. The name: One World. One Idyllwild.

Graphic artist Shepard Fairey will make an appearance, as will journalist Celeste Headlee.

In a statement about the event, IAA had this to share: "In one of the school’s most ambitious efforts since their founding, Idyllwild Arts will bring together students, alumni, families, and friends on 6 continents, in 35 countries and 198 cities, with One World. One Idyllwild."

"All of the school’s creative disciplines will be represented in the showcase, which will include fashion that presents original styles by students, musical and dance performances, student films, visual arts presentations, and spoken word and musical theatre presentations."

It's free to tune in, but if you'd like to contribute to this fantastic font of art-cool creation, a lauded California-based institute of the arts, ideas, and community, please do.

True, the town nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains is, for many Southern Californians, a beloved mountain-fun getaway, a perfect place to go to see snow.

But for nearly 75 years, it has also been a dreamed-about destination for thousands of performing arts students from around the globe, as well as designers and visual arts students, too.

And the Idyllwild Arts Academy has helped those young people to thrive, to grow, and to triumph on stages, runways, and in museums around the globe after formative years spent in the charming peak-top village.

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