Insomniac's Electric Mile to Glimmer Even Longer

The drive-thru experience, which is illuminating Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, will keep the neon bright through February.

Insomniac's Electric Mile

What to Know

  • Through Feb. 2021
  • Santa Anita Park in Arcadia
  • Tickets per car start at $69.99 (prices will vary by day of the week)

Brighter nights?

We are due to enjoy lighter-later evenings in just over a month, when Daylight Saving Time begins and our dinner hours are awash in the setting sun's sweet rays.

But there's a way, in February, to add powerful illumination to your moonlit evenings. The sun isn't involved, but fun and fantastical design is, thanks to the imaginative worlds now lighting up a large chunk of Santa Anita Park in Arcadia.

It's Insomniac's Electric Mile, a drive-thru experience that is packed with popping colors, neon pizzazz, vibrant visual effects, and scintillating sound.

And like a light that stays bright longer than you expected? This incandescent and offbeat happening recently added fresh dates following a string of sold-out nights.

Once you've arrived?

You'll stay inside your car as you savor a slow roll through "seven worlds of light, sound, and imagination" at the dazzling destination.

Rainbow Road and Pixel Forest are both part of the light-strong landscape, but other prismatic places await.

This is a glowful gathering that was created for all ages, and, for sure, a single ticket covers everyone in your car. Tickets? They start at $69.99, but the price will depend upon the night you visit.

Keep in mind there are flashing lights dotting the Electric Mile, so you'll want to read up on what to expect before turning your automobile in the direction of Arcadia.

As for cameos by colorful characters?

Tell your kids to keep their eyes peeled for strange and wondrous figures dancing, waving, and making merry along the route.

As for merchandise that can add to the experience? Diffraction glasses, light batons, and other shimmer-inspired souvenirs are available.

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