‘It' House to Haunt Warner Bros. Horror Tour

If you missed the macabre abode at Hollywood & Vine, you can visit it, if you dare, during the special Horror Made Here evenings.

The typical things seen in front of a spooky old house?

Plenty of weeds, if the movies are to be believed. A rickety wrought iron fence, the kind of fence that is dotted with raven or gargoyle statuary. Some broken stairs leading to a foreboding porch. And a front door you definitely don't want to knock upon.

What you don't see, generally, are huge lines of people eager to get inside. That changed over much of August and early September when the nefarious Neibolt House from the movie "It" popped upon the corner of Hollywood & Vine in Tinseltown.

Lengthy queues of fright fans snaked around the block. And many people just weren't able to visit, due to reservations filling up or those mega lines.

Warner Bros. Pictures, the studio behind the distribution of the new hit flick, a flick based upon the Stephen King novel, can help, horror fans. So if you weren't able to be a part of this buzzed-about happening in Hollywood, things are about to change.

The Burbank-based movie-making spread, which is known for its daily studio tours, is including the "It" house experience on its Horror Made Here evening event, a special, six-night-only happening.

Oct. 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, and 28 are the dates, so circle those on the calendar in red pen, if you have a red pen, one that's the color of, say, a red balloon.

The Maine-set abode will magically pop up on the studio's backlot for the full Horror Made Here run, luring brave souls inside for a clowntastic haunted house experience.

Did we say "clowntastic" there? Surely we meant "classic." Surely we did.

Other eerie sights and to-dos will crop up around the evening events, like so many weeds in the Neibolt House front yard.

Prepare for "Halloween-themed activities, music, food trucks" as well as "...chilling interactive dark walkthroughs, exclusive nighttime tours and a chance to float in the IT VR experience."

A visit to Stage 48: Script to Screen, the tour's traditional display-packed final act, is also in the creepy cards. Alongside the traditional how-movies-are-made exhibits? A host of terrifying costumes and props, so best screw up your courage and prepare to see the eeky stuff of the big screen in real life.

A ticket starts at $69. And you'll need to be 18 or older, Pennywise, er, we mean age-wise, to join. As for securing a coveted spot? You'll begin here, at the Warner Bros. tour site.

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