It's Strawberry's Final 2018 Hurrah, at The Donut Man

Don't dally, doughnut devotees: This super-popular goodie is going away, at least for a few months.

What to Know

  • Glendora
  • $4.50
  • Oct 6-7 final days (though it might be earlier)

First things first.

When you hear that something tasty is headed into its final weekend, but you also have the knowledge that if it runs out early, well, that's it, you should take that to heart and go directly to the goodie that you're dreaming about.

The goodie in question at the moment is The Donut Man's famous strawberry doughnut, which has a pretty long annual run, all told, but there are months when these glistening beauties are not available for purchase. 

Think of that blue time as "most of the fall" and "part of winter," which makes sense, as the strawberry's reign does coincide with the finer days of spring and summer.

And as it is now fall, you can bet that the pastry, which has a way of drawing people to the historic Glendora doughnut shop from points all over, is wrapping up its sweet stretch for 2018.

Which leads us to break this news to you, via a recent social media posting by The Donut Man: The weekend of Oct. 6 and 7 is expected to be the final time to snag one of these $4.50 gems, a gooey, fruit-laden, and highly luscious experience.

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But, and this is a major "but," listen here, kindly, if you will: The strawberry doughnuts may not last through to Sunday, Oct. 7, if a bunch of fans get a hankering over the coming days.

So don't put off your Glendora excursion, if you need one strawberry doughnut in 2018. Go now. Go well ahead of the weekend. Get there in time to make sure you get one.

And if you don't?

Don't straw-ss out: Strawberry doughnuts returned to the beloved stand in February 2018, which means a mid-winter 2019 showing for this SoCal classic could very well be in the culinary cards.

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