Join a Virtual Festival of the Summer Solstice Goddess

The Bowers Museum presents a livestream full of dance, music, and crafts; it's free to watch, too.

Mitch Diamond/Manuel Breva Colmeiro

What to Know

  • Sunday, June 27 at 11 a.m.
  • Free to see on Facebook and Youtube
  • Dance, music, crafts

Embracing the spirit of summer can be done in just about any joyful way that appeals to you, from planting a new shrub, finding a treeside table to savor a salad or cool sip, or dipping your toes in the nearest body of water, be it a kid pool or ocean.

There are art-forward paths to elevating the essence of the season as well, which is no surprise, as people have turned to dance, music, voices, and community to warmly greet the warmest stretch of the year.

The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana will do just that on Sunday, June 27.

True, the solstice occurred earlier this week, but there's still time to join the Festival of the Summer Solstice Goddess, an effervescent way to truly jump into the shimmer of the season.

And shimmer, the virtual hour shall, with tunes, performances, and projects you can take on at home.

The highlights?

Performers from the Orange County School of Arts are on the program, as is Ellen Winter (she'll present a reenactment of Ruth Bader Ginsburg). Backhausdance, Rabbi Robin Foonberg, Madeline Shirts, Gloria Arjona, and an appearance by the Nevada Mineral and Book Co. are also on the summer-good, goddess-strong schedule.

As for your at-home pursuits? You can make fanciful love beads or create a flavorful Mexican Summer Fruit Salad.

The Bowers Museum is open, keep in mind, if you'd like to visit the Santa Ana-based repository of cultural and historic wonders.

But its from-afar programming continues, giving families at home ways to find fest-sweet fun, and for free, too.

You can check out the Bowers Museum calendar for more upcoming events, the sort of celebrations that gather everyone in, wherever they happen to be.

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