Ketchup Artists, Your Sweepstakes Has Arrived

The Great American Takeout wants to see your red swirls and flourishes, French fry fans; Heinz is behind the nationwide giveaway.

Great American Takeout/photo by dasar

What to Know

  • Monday, July 13
  • Order takeout, create a ketchup work of art, post your picture and tag it
  • The winner will win 57 takeout meals, courtesy of Heinz

Dragging a perfectly crispy French fry through a delicious glop of ketchup, only to realize you can easily draw a heart or the sun, on your plate, with the colorful condiment?

Anyone that likes to pair tomato-y tastes with potato-y flavors knows that ketchup is sublime substance for making whimsical, if temporary, pictures.

Heinz wants to inspire ketchup artists to take their condiment creativity to the next level. And to help, they've partnered with The Great American Takeout on, what else, a National French Fry Day sweepstakes.

That's happening on Monday, July 13, and the contest works like this: Order takeout from a local restaurant, a meal that, yes, involves ketchup.

Then post a photo, with the appropriate tags, that spotlights your amazing, super-ketchupy "... swirls, dollops, and smiley faces," as well as "the effortless squiggles on your hot dogs."

The winner will score 57 free takeout orders, a numerical nod to Heinz.

How does 57 meals measure out? The ultimate ketchup artist will receive $1,869 worth of restaurant, take-it-home eats down the road.

"We are excited to join with The Great American Takeout to celebrate National French Fry Day and support our restaurant partners," said Michael Crouse, President, US Foodservice/Away from Home for Kraft Heinz.

"At Kraft Heinz, we love our mom and pop diners, national chains, and every restaurant in between–and are committed to their success more than ever."

Kind words, for sure, and something all ketchup cravers can get behind.

For all the rules and must-knows on submitting your ketchup-cool work of tasty takeout art, swirl by this site now.

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