Dine Along the Gilroy Taco Trail

Find 28 tasty places to pick up a terrific taco, a michelada, fajitas, and more.

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EATING AT 28 TACO PLACES... over a single day? Not quite possible, but, let's be real: We can daydream about 28 different taco-making locations in under an hour. Because finding a beautiful tortilla, and the perfect amount of cotija cheese, and two or three especially spicy shrimp, is what dining-based daydreams are all about. But finding a trail that includes 28 restaurants that serve tacos, taco-complementing beverages, and other amazing eats is no daydream: You can find such a magical map in Gilroy, and it boasts a particularly enchanting name: The Gilroy Taco Trail.

VISIT GILROY AND THE GILROY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE... are partners on the new campaign, which spotlights great restaurants creating tempting tostadas, burritos, chips and salsa, and enchiladas, too. Both "casual taquerias and sit-down restaurants" are included, and there are several places located along Monterey Road (as well as a few that are close to the 101, if you've got to keep rolling along the highway after lunch). Want to pick up a map? Find yours at the California Welcome Center Gilroy (Arteaga's Food Center is sponsoring the maps). And the Gilroy Taco Trail site is also helpful, too, if you'd like to create a taco itinerary before you arrive.

DO YOU THINK GARLIC... when you think Gilroy? That's understandable, given the city's clove-tastic and world-famous reputation. Jane Howard, Executive Director of Visit Gilroy, said, "People usually associate Gilroy with garlic, but we also have some amazing Mexican restaurants that are extremely popular with local residents and visitors alike! We are proud to partner with the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce to spotlight some of these long-established local businesses." Thinking of doing the taco trail soon? Be sure to check the California travel advisories before heading out for a few memorable meals around the city.

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