Knott's Is Sharing Scary Farm Playlists on Spotify

There's also a song line-up themed to Taste of Fall-O-Ween, the theme park's autumn 2020 food event.


What to Know

  • Knott's Taste of Fall-O-Ween is happening through Nov. 1 (advance tickets required)
  • Knott's Scary Farm is cancelled for 2020
  • Attractions and rides are temporarily closed

Any sublime theme park experience is going to tantalize several senses, but park goers would surely put "sound" at or near the top of that particular senses-tantalizing list.

For the loud whoosh of a nearby roller coaster always adds to the atmosphere, and the splash of a log ride sliding down a wet chute is very much a part of the scene.

And the music rocking over several cleverly hidden speakers?

It is going to further enhance the mood, and coax the joy higher, providing another distinct layer to a theme park's particular vibe and character.

Knott's Berry Farm wanted to deliver some of those seasonal sound vibes to people at home, but sending a tricked-out truck playing good tunes door-to-door?

Not all that feasible, though a delightful notion.

So the historic theme park, which is home to the famous Ghost Town, boysenberry treats aplenty, and the Peanuts gang, has posted several rock-out tunes on Spotify.

And here's a twist: A few of the playlists are themed to Knott's Scary Farm's celebrated and terrifying scare zones, like Carneval and Witches of the Hollow.

True, the nighttime Halloween-inspired extravaganza was canceled for 2020, but the line-up of dastardly ditties can help fans at home connect with the spirit of the scary walk-through experiences.

The Taste of Fall-O-Ween playlist features several timeless classics associated with this time of year, including "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt Kickers and the theme to "The Addams Family" television series.

Check out all of the Knott's Berry Farm playlists now, and see if they summon some of the sounds that put you in a frightfully fun mood, or at least transport you to Buena Park, and your favorite spot in Ghost Town, for a few happy, rocking minutes.

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