Krispy Kreme's Mars-Themed Doughnut Is Landing Soon

But this treat is a one-day-only kind of deal, timed to the Red Planet landing of the Perseverance rover.

Krispy Kreme

What to Know

  • Thursday, Feb. 18 only
  • The treat is filled with chocolate creme and "dipped in caramel" with a topping of cookie crumbs
  • Krispy Kreme created the confection to celebrate the Perseverance rover's Mars landing; prices vary by location

Devouring a whole planet?

That's a task no single earthling is up for, and, honestly, even if we worked as a worldwide team, eating an entire planet would be a pie-in-the-sky dream (even if the planet on our plate was as delicious as pie).

But a dream that we can absolutely and enjoyably realize down here on our home stomping grounds, the big Blue Marble?

We can eat a sensibly sized doughnut that looks a bit like a planet and is shaped rather like a planet, without the whole issue of having to consume something that is too faraway, too large, and too inedible to enjoy.

That will happen on Thursday, Feb. 18 for Krispy Kreme fans, thanks to the one-day-only Mars doughnut.

The confection, which is filled with chocolate creme, was created to celebrate a Mars-velous event: The landing of the Perseverance rover on the Red Planet.

You can order your dozen, or however many you'd like, via the Krispy Kreme site or app.

But keep in mind that you'll be enjoying your luscious treat, which has also been dipped in caramel (which helps keep the yummy cookie crumb "surface" on the face of the doughnut), at lunchtime, should you want to time your first bite to the exact second that Perseverance officially meets Mars.

For the rover will set its legs in Martian dirt at 12:55 Pacific time on Feb. 18. NASA, The Planetary Society, and several other astronomical outfits will offer free livestreams of the momentous occasion.

What will Perseverance find on the Red Planet in the weeks and months to come?

Certainly not delicious Mars-inspired doughnuts, but we can locate those by visiting a participating shop on a planet that happens to be a neighbor to Mars, good ol' Planet Earth.

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