Strawberry-Stuffed Goodies Are Back at The Donut Man

The gooey and glistening pastry is a seasonal superstar around Southern California.

The Donut Man

What to Know

  • Glendora and Grand Central Market
  • $4.75 each
  • The celebrated sweets are traditionally on The Donut Man's shelves from February through to early fall

If berries have been festooning your thoughts lately, and doughnuts are deep within your dreams, we get it.

After all, the California Strawberry Festival, that out-sized Oxnard celebration, recently announced that the 2021 event would be canceled. (Be not blue, lovers of red goodies: The 2022 dates are already live, so clear May 14 and 15 next year.)

Doughnuts, too, dazzle us all year long, but when the coldest days of winter come, our morningtime cravings for confections that are filling and fun seem to grow.

Adding to all of this? The fruit-fun fact that The Donut Man's famous strawberry doughnuts make their return each year just around Valentine's Day, give or take a week or two.

That much-anticipated moment just arrived for 2021, so best be blissful, berry buffs: As of Thursday, Feb. 4, those gooey, glisten-y, super-stuffed doughnuts are back.

And they're back both in DTLA, where the newest shop is located (The Donut Man opened at Grand Central Market in early 2020), and at the original Glendora location.

The cost for this delightful delectable? It's $4.75 per doughnut.

The tempting treat, which marches to its own sweet beat, isn't round like a classic sinker, nor is there a hole in the middle.

There is a canyon of sorts, one that's stuffed with strawberries, and the whole overflow of fruit deliciousness is spectacular, a bit sticky, and more than most mouths can take on.

But take it on, our mouths most certainly will, for this superstar doughnut is seasonal, which means it is only available during a certain window.

And if the past has shown doughnut devotees one thing, it is that The Donut Man's strawberry doughnut window traditionally closes around the early part of autumn.

But here's something cheerful to think about: Even though the goodies will go away for a few months, fall 2021 is only six months away from May 2022, when the California Strawberry Festival will return.

Sweet news. So we'll conclude with this hope-filled thought: Everything is clearly coming up strawberries.

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