Super Bowl

SoCal's Super Bowl Takeout Picks Go Long

From sliders to shrimp to old-school pigs-in-a-blanket, local eateries have enjoy-at-home meals for football fans.

Dog Haus

What to Know

  • Sunday, Feb. 7; ordering in a day or two advance is recommended (and, in some cases, a must)
  • Local restaurants have suppers and spreads ready for your TV-close coffee table
  • Dog Haus has 24-packs of sliders (pictured above) in three styles

A bag of chips and a tub of guac happily devoured on a Sunday afternoon at the beginning of February?

As cuisine-centered traditions go, this one is not only tasty, it is very, very time-honored.

For Super Bowl viewers do like to snack while the ball is in play, and during the halftime show, and throughout all of those big-budget commercials, too.

But if you're looking beyond the bag of chips and guac bowl, or perhaps seeking other supping options to complement that classic Super Bowl starter, you only need to look at what local restaurants have scheduled on their Feb. 7 takeout menus.

Tam O'Shanter in Atwater Village has a Moscow Mule to-go kit, and on the hearty-eating front? Lawry's pigs in a blanket and chili cheese fries. Yum and yum make two yums, and two yums are better than one or none.

Dog Haus, which is famous for its fancy frankfurters, is going the slider and/or wing route for Super Bowl Sunday 2021. Haus Wings, Haus BBQ and Chipotle Honey Wings are your choices when ordering your 30-pack o' wings, while the 24-pack of sliders is available in three styles: Pastrami, Cheeseburger and Impossible.

NORMS is a SoCal must-stop for sizable suppers that fill up your crew. And if your crew will be on the couch on Feb. 7? A Family Burger meal may be what everyone is craving. It's available at all 20 NORMS locations, and includes a quartet of burgers, a quartet of drinks, and fries, you bet.

Boudin Bakery is all about sourdough, of course, but have you ever enjoyed a football-shaped loaf created by the famous bakery chain? You can, if you order the Dungeness crab feast from your local Boudin by 5 p.m. on Feb. 4.

Marmalade Cafe has your Big Family Game Box, which includes "... made-to-order appetizers, sandwiches, wraps, and dessert," too. Want to add a pitcher of margaritas? That can happen (if, of course, you're 21-plus).

San Pedro Fish Market is breakout out the mondo platters of savory temptations for its Big Game Tray. It's full of crispy shrimp, calamari, and fried red snapper, too, plus sides like cole slaw and fries. And for the burger people in your home? There are a dozen free sliders included.

The Banh Mi Shop by Piccalilli will offer a Super Bowl platter that's centered around banh mi delights, including "...pork belly, lemongrass BBQ, chicken, fried egg, and tofu." And if you're seeking a bucket of Nam Prik Wings, oh deliciousness, they have that, too.

SLAB on West Third is known for its sauce-deep barbecue dishes, and fans of meaty plates can expect plenty of spice and flavor for Super Bowl Sunday. There are a few Super Bowl packages to choose from, like The Burt, which features a half chicken, a pound of brisket, and other filling goodies.

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