‘LA Spay Day in May' Is Here

LA Animal Services is encouraging humans to "spay it forward" on May 24.


What to Know

  • Monday, May 24
  • The Lucy Pet Foundation’s mobile spay/neuter clinic will be at the North Central Animal Services Center
  • You can find out how to get free or discounted spay/neuter vouchers and coupons on the LA Animal Services site

Doing right by our snugglesome, lovably licky, beyond-kissable couch buddy?

The sweet cat or dog that rules our days, lives, thoughts, and, pretty much, our entire known universe?

We'll buy the toys, of course, because we can't resist spoiling them. Healthy food is essential, and a treat now and then, too.

And making sure that our pets are up-to-speed, on all of their physical and medical needs? Animal aficionados certainly do this, too.

LA Animal Services is here to help.

And while you can find spay/neuter resources every day on the department's site, and at its regional centers, Monday, May 24 happens to be Spay Day in LA.

"To commemorate this special day, LA Animal Services is hosting The Lucy Pet Foundation’s mobile spay/neuter clinic at the North Central Animal Services Center to conduct spay and neuter surgeries," said the department team in a statement.

If you can't make it to the North Central Animal Services Center on May 24, there are other clinics that will spay or neuter your beloved beastie. Find a link with more information here.

And if you'd like to donate to help neighbors spay and neuter their dogs and cats? You can do so now.

And you can read up on why spaying and neutering is recommended, beyond "preventing unwanted litters." You can also help lower the risk of cancer, "... preventing serious and sometimes fatal medical conditions such as pyometra, a serious infection in female dogs or testicular cancer in male dogs."

You can also find out how to get your free spay/neuter voucher or discounted spay/neuter coupon on the LA Spay Day in May site.

Adore your by-your-side buddy, the furry, cuddly companion that fills you with love and cheer? "Spay it forward" on May 24, or as soon as you can, and help your hound or feline trot to a brighter and healthier future.

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