LA Zoo Association's Free Beastly Ball Is Meerly Here

Make that "nearly here," of course: The furry (and virtual) fundraiser has no entry fee, but you can donate while enjoying from home, if you wish.

Jamie Pham

What to Know

  • Saturday, June 5 at 6 p.m. (virtual presentation)
  • "The Beastly Ball is the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association’s largest and most important fundraiser of the year"
  • Actors and philanthropists Jackie Chan and Leila George are the honorees

Peeking out from beneath your favorite shady leaf? Seeing who is beyond the outcropping of boulders where you like to take an afternoon snooze? Or checking out what's happening as you dip a foot into a cool pool of water?

The start of June can seem, at first glance, a little sunnier, and slower-paced, for our animal friends. The toastier temperatures mean less midday scurrying, and everything begins to move at a snail's pace, or at least the pace of a meerkat seeking a few cozy winks.

But things don't totally slow down for our furry friends, nor the humans who passionately advocate for conservation causes. For The Beastly Ball, "the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association's largest and most important fundraiser of the year," pokes its head up from its favorite nest or napping spot, fully ready to roar.

Roar and chirp and buzz-buzz on the behalf of our beastie buddies. It will do so again, on Saturday, June 5, and the goings-on will be viewable from home.


No ticket is needed to the virtual ball, which is marking its 51st year in 2021, though you are invited to RSVP, and to donate, if you wish, to the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

Actors and philanthropists Jackie Chan and Leila George are the 2021 honorees, and host Joel McHale will host the happening.

The happening will have as many components as a peacock has feathers. If you tune in, you'll enjoy "... inspiring conservation stories; special celebrity guests; animal moments, an online auction; and musical performances by Weezer, REO Speedwagon’s Kevin Cronin, Slash with Def Leppard's Phil Collen and Stone Temple Pilot’s Robert DeLeo; and Poet Christopher Simms reading a poem."

The poem, called "The Return of the Earth/She," will provide one of the many meaningful moments that famously festoon this annual fundraiser.

And, yes, the "fundraiser" aspect means an auction will also occur, with big prizes, including a getaway to Hawaii and a four-night stay in Mexico.

"Last year more than 21,000 people from around the globe joined the celebration, making it our biggest and wildest party to date," states Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association President Tom Jacobson. "And with Joel McHale returning to host the event, it is guaranteed to be a laughter-filled evening of philanthropy, fun, favorite animals, and fabulous celebrity friends."

While joining this joyous jamboree from wherever you are is free, you'll want to RSVP.

So before you curl up under a favorite flower bush, or nap atop your go-to rock, visit this page and let the organizers know you'll be part of the 2021 Beastly Ball.

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