Love Your Local Shop on Record Store Day

Swing by your local music shop for fresh sounds and rocking giveways.

Decluttering-themed magazines and books full of household tips and articles detailing how to optimize our nests all converge on one incredibly heart-true point: We should keep close to our favorites in life, those pursuits and items that make us consistently glad.

Which is why it isn't all that unusual to visit a new friend's home to find a corner, a wall, a shelf, or even a room given over, in an almost scholarly style, to one main object: the hi-fi and hundreds of albums.

Or a space featuring a modern stereo kit, or a tricked-out audio dock, or you name it.

Countless mavens do dearly love their vinyl treasures, in short, their 45s, their special editions, and they also love the stores that so faithfully and full-heartedly sell the sounds they love.

Sell, yes, and recommend, and chat about, and also love, too. A local record store is a wonderful place, first and last, and Record Store Day is the annual holiday focused on honoring those shops that keep us up on hip-hop, pop, classical, metal, folk, and the genre we happen to obsess over the most.

Record Store Day is on Saturday, April 21 in 2018, and several Southern California locations are on board, including Amoeba Music, The Record Parlour, Blue Bag Records, and several others.

Is your go-to on the list? Check.

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Live shows, giveaways, solid deals, and intense music-directed affection are some of the hallmarks of the day, but, like a song itself, every shop is different and apt to go their own funky, this-is-our-thing way.

So maybe you should visit a few, to show your devotion, to meet an owner or two, and to converse with other fans? And perhaps find out if they, too, have set aside a shelf, or a room, for their music-based pleasures? 

(They have, we'll just predict now.)

Here are your Record Store Day details, and all you need to know about giving the props, high fives, dollars, word-of-mouth love, and consistent visits to your awesome local shops.

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