Mac N Cheesesteaks Now Actually Happening at Figueroa Philly

Just when you thought comfort food couldn't get any comfort-food-ier, along comes a new savory superstar.

What to Know

  • 3850 S. Figueroa
  • $11.95
  • Open daily

So you know absolutely every tasty trick in the cheese-stained book, as far as dressing up a bowl of mac 'n cheese is concerned.

You've added extra shredded cheese at the last stage of cooking, to make your boxed dinner a little meltier. You've thrown down a slew of hot peppers, to add kick.

And have you given the bottom of the ketchup bottle a few taps with your palm?

Don't knock that until you've tried it. Better ketchup with condiment lovers on this one.

But have you heaped several heaping spoons of mac 'n cheese into the inner bun of a classic Philly cheesesteak? Meaning that the cheesy mac comprises the actual "cheese" part of the cheesesteak, rather than the usual provolone or squirts of Cheese Whiz?

Stand aside, ketchup, and you, too, extra shredded cheese, for Figueroa Philly is clearly onto a mind-blowing development in cheesesteak-based technology.

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The Mac N Cheesesteak made its debut at the Figueroa Street cheesesteak-tarium in May, just in time for those who like to get especially snacky in the summertime. 

This is no mere snack, however: It's a hearty sandwich of cheesesteak-sized proportions, with, yes, a substantial amount of homemade mac 'n cheese along for the toothsome ride.

The cost is $11.95 for this symphony of steak, onions, and mac 'n cheese. Plus the classic Philly bun, too.

Don't believe for a savory second that this latest entry on the Figueroa Philly menu is the only offbeat choice from the cheesesteak realm, however. The Flamin' Hot Cheeto Cheesesteak is also still a thing, and we believe, in our heart, that we don't have to explain what that sandwich involves.

We do love a perfectly clear food name. Removes the guesswork and gets us to the eating part so much faster.

But now that we think about it, should we put aside the ketchup, hot peppers, and extra shredded cheese at home, and go for a handful of Flamin' Hot Cheetos atop our boxed mac at home?

However you like this dish in your own kitchen, know this: Figueroa Philly is already ahead of all of us, with a mac'd-up meat-forward favorite sure to create cravings among those who dig both foodstuffs, and are tempted by the thought of how they taste together.

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