Magnolia Bakery Has Our Springtime Holiday Treats

Put your order in for Passover matzo crunch and Easter cupcakes, for delivery or pick-up.

Magnolia Bakery

What to Know

  • Matzo Crunch, Easter cupcakes, carrot cake, and more
  • Pick-up or delivery with UberEats
  • West Third near Beverly Grove

We're finding ways to make our #StayatHome Passover and Easter celebrations full of festive joy, even as we keep close to our digs in 2020.

For many people eager celebrate the holidays, not pursuing the usual preparatory pathways can add stress. But local restaurants are making it easier, on the food front, for those who'd like to add some flavor to their special April observances.

Magnolia Bakery has treats for both Passover and Easter, and they're available for pick-up at the West Third spot.

Prefer delivery? That's possible, too, with UberEats.

The bakery's Matzo Crunch has become a Passover must for many SoCal households.

The center? It's classic, oh-so-crackly matzo cracker, topped with butter crunch candy, chocolate (both dark and white), and toffee pieces, too.

And that butter crunch candy? It's made in-house, adding to the artisanal flair of this springtime sweet.

Magnolia Bakery, which had its icing-laden launch in New York City back in the '90s, is also synonymous with small, frosting-topped cakes.

As in cupcakes, and you can find your fanciful Easter cupcakes at the bakery. Look for "perfectly pastel vanilla buttercream" on the lovely lids of the cupcakes, as well as "Easter decorations and sprinkles," too.

If you're not a matzo maven, and you're looking for another confection beyond cupcakes, the bakery also has macaroons, carrot cake, and red velvet banana pudding.

Or are you in an all-of-the-above-y kind of mood? Lots of us are, and our holiday hankerings are leading us to the dessert table.

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