‘Manifest' Soars Into Comic-Con With Fans Already Giving Themselves a Nickname

'Manifest' fans get on-board with nickname.

Comic-Con fans were treated to a sneak peek of the new NBC drama "Manifest," described as "Lost" meets "This is Us." Stars Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh were greeted with a room full of cheering fans, even though the show hasn't premiere yet.

Dallas suggested the fans call themselves "Manifesters" which was meet with applause from the audience during the "Manifest" panel. "Manifest" follows the passengers aboard Montego Air Flight 828, who think they are on a routine flight. Though a few hours have passed for those in the air, when they land, they discover they were missing for more than five years. And when the survivors of the experience start hearing voices, it becomes clear there's more going on than even they know.

"It's this intriguing mystery of what happened to these people." Dallas tells NBC4. "What happens when you get a second chance? What happens when you get a chance at redemption?"

Creator Jeff Rake told the audience that faith versus science will be a major theme in this show and relationships will be the focus. Rake also says he has an "end-game" for the show, but didn't reveal too much.

'Manifest' airs on NBC on September 24th.

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