Mark ‘805 Day' at Ventura Harbor Village

Water-close shops and restaurants will feature $8.05 specials on, you guessed it, August 5.

Ventura Harbor Village

What to Know

  • Aug. 5 is "805 Day"
  • Some businesses and communities within the boundaries of the 805 area code mark the day with deals and special events
  • Ventura Harbor Village will have midday giveaways, $8.05 deals, and more from noon to 2 p.m.

People from parts elsewhere do love to marvel at how Southern Californians put a "the" in front of the numbers of our freeways, suggesting that visitors take the 405 to the 10 to the 110, with every single "the" included for local emphasis.

But fewer people seem to talk about the perhaps lesser-celebrated but still ever-present proclivity for celebrating certain area codes on the date that corresponds with the numbers of the area code.

Maybe this is because our megalopolis received a veritable bouquet of area codes faster than other locations, or it is simply a nice diversion to mark March 10 (in West Los Angeles) or June 26 (hello there, San Gabriel Valley) as a way to up the whimsy in our day-to-day lives.

Either way, you're likely to find some acknowledgement of a well-known trio of digits, on their corresponding date, somewhere within the region associated with a particular area code.

But you say you're not a 310er or 626er but rather rock an 805 at the front of your phone number? You're in luck: Aug. 5 is coming up, and, with it, a water-close pop-up at Ventura Harbor Village.

The collection of shops and restaurants will celebrate 805 Day with giveaways, prizes, and, oh yes, the all-important $8.05 deals on various items.

This is another charming aspect of Southern California's "area code occasions": Deals that take their prices from the date's numbers.

And, for sure, San Fernando Valley denizens should get ready: 818 Day follows 805 day by, well, thirteen days, and a special local happening or two should be in the whimsical works.

By the by, if you're in the 805 for 805 Day, there are two upbeat things to note: This year's 805 Day falls on a Friday, which is sweet,and two? The Ventura County Fair, "The Country Fair With Ocean Air," will be in full and festive swing as it heads into its first weekend.

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