Meet the Bloody Mary Burger

Have your drink with your meal. We mean, inside your meal, rather.

Wisconsin, of course, famously visited Pasadena's Rose Bowl this past New Year's Day. With that in mind, we start with a unique Wisconsin-born drink as we turn our sights to Pasadena's upcoming Cheeseburger Week and a very special burger found within the Crown City's limits.

We're talking about the A.J. Bomber Bloody Mary, which one can find at both the Madison and Milwaukee locations. It's a drink that's hit the viral photo circuits because of its garnish: a mini cheeseburger.

Bloody Mary garnishes are often opulent but rarely meaty. But what if one were to put the beverage inside the burger itself? Go the other way around? That's what Slater's 50/50, which opened its first LA location in Pasadena on Thanksgiving, is serving up.

Worcestershire and Tabasco are the zingy centerpoints of this patty, but olive tapenade and bacon vodka sauce enhance the pow-packing picture. Bacon. Vodka. Sauce. It's true that we hoped 2013 would contain many marvels, but that's one we never dared to dream.

A celery stalk holds the whole beverage-meets-burger together.

Just about the only thing the Bloody Mary Burger *doesn't* have is cheese, which does not help our next segue. But segue we must: Pasadena Cheeseburger Week is just ahead. The sizzle is on from Jan. 13 through 18 around town, so best look for all the deals to be found between two buns.

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