Meet Kittens, Virtually, During This Su-Purrr Adoption

Here's your chance to see a sweetie on screen before you meet in real life, courtesy of Best Friends Animal Society of LA.

Ana Francisconi/EyeEm

What to Know

  • July 18 and 19
  • You'll fill out a kitten adoption survey first, then a virtual meeting will be scheduled
  • If it is a match, you'll pick up your new buddy in Mission Hills, at the Best Friends Lifesaving Center

Talking about cats and computers?

Better clear your schedule, and cancel any errands, because that is a truly huge topic, one that produces a lot of adorable avenues to wander down, tangentially.

You can likely discuss, at delightful length, how your favorite feline favors your warm keyboard, as a nap space, instead of his bed.

You can chat about the number and variety of cat videos you've watched, and exactly what the whiskery star so cutely and cunningly did within each clip.

And recommending the best sites for cat toys, food, and other necessities? You may know a few.

But you likely haven't yet met a future kitten online. And, nope, we're not talking about seeing a photo of a feline first, on a screen, before you stop by the adoption fair, which many animal lovers have done.

We're talking a virtual meet-and-greet, an event that has risen in popularity during the coronavirus closures.

Best Friends Animal Society of Los Angeles will be setting up several virtual meet-and-greets on July 18 and 19. Those are the dates for the organization's SuPurr Adoption Weekend, when all kitten adoption fees will be waived.

Once you fill out your feline-focused form, a virtual meeting will be scheduled, between you and your kitten, on July 18 or 19.

If it is a match? You'll go pick up your purr-ful friend at the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Mission Hills, after scheduling an appointment.

"All kittens are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, microchipped and ready for a lifetime of love!" is the wonderful word from Best Friends.

Details? Find them, right meow, on this page.

Sure, you may have Zoomed with family recently, or had a screen-based meeting or two, but have you ever connected with a kitten, live, across the interwebs?

That could change, and provide you and your new pumpkin a memorable origin story, during the Su-Purr Adoption Weekend.

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