Showstopping Slice of Space Rock Highlights Otherworldly Auction in Los Angeles

The auction features the Fukang slice, a stunning piece of meteorite found in China in 2000

Unusual objects with an out-of-this-world backstory are up for sale Saturday in Los Angeles.

Andrew Jones Auctions is having a sale of meteorites and moonrocks, some of which are expected to draw six-figure bids. It's the first sale of its kind on the West Coast.

One of the showstoppers is the Fukang slice, a stunning piece of meteorite that was found in China in 2000. It has a brilliant pattern of olivine crystals that heighten its appeal, said Alex Galesic, natural history specialist at Andrew Jones Auctions.

"Some of them are up to 3 inches in diameter, which makes this specimen really beautiful, like a stained glass," said Galesic.

The olivine crystals are surrounded a matrix of iron that has cooled down over millinos of years. It could go for up to $300,000, Galesic said.

The larger boulder from which the slice split was about 3 1/2-feet long and 2 1/2-feet wide. The slice is one of very few on the market.

But that's at the high end of the auction. Most items will likely sell for $100 to $300.

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