National Dance Day: 1000+ People Groove Together

Over a thousand people are expected to groove, gleefully, at Music Center Plaza.

When people are potentially interested in attending a major event, it is rare that they receive the recommendation that they study up on the specifics of the event ahead of time.

True? True. You usually arrive at a theater or concert or festival with no pre-planning required, just your ticket, a light sweater, and some curiosity.

National Dance Day, though, doesn't go in for that. The 1000+ dancer-strong downtown gathering does come with a bit of in-advance homework, a bit of pre-study that involves you A) shaking your groove thing.

There is no B) on that list, actually. All the organizers are recommending ahead of the Saturday, July 25 shake-it spectacular is that people watch a video to get a sense of what this year's dance routine will be.

Oh, should we have mentioned that from the get-go? Perhaps, but here's the exciting reveal, if you're not familiar with this Julytime jubilee: You'll join hundreds of other SoCalers at The Music Center Plaza downtown to learn, and polish, a short routine, which everyone will then perform in unison.

Time: 11 a.m. to 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

This isn't a "dance like you're alone in your room" situation; you'll want to be mostly in step with the people on either side of you.

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Nigel Lythgoe, of "So You Think You Can Dance," is the co-creator of the country-big groove-off, and several hoofers from the show will put in an appearance at the event (and event that partners with the Dizzy Feet Foundation, which works to "support, improve, and increase dance access to dance education in the United States").

LA's take on National Dance Day, by the by, is considered the flagship among all of the related events around the country. That's a little brag-worthy, right, dancers? Pretty much.

Cost to join National Dance Day? Zero dollars. 

Dress to join National Dance Day? Whatever makes you feel comfy, cool, and free to move.

Reason to join National Dance Day? Because you love dancing, plain and simple. Because dancing among friends and strangers is freeing. Because you're a fan of "So You Think You Can Dance" and find it a gas to participate in a fun, no-money happening with some of the stars. 

Because? Because. That's good enough.

Here are the videos, National Dance Day dancers. One's beginner, one's advance. Step, step, ball, change, heel, step...

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