New: The Banana Pudding Cupcake

Banana Lovers Day takes on a luscious twist, at Magnolia Bakery.

How popular is the banana? Spectacularly popular, which is no shocker, considering that the sunshine-hued fruit has true a-peel to one and all.

Fact: You can't write about the banana without slipping an "a-peel" joke in somewhere. You've also got to use the word "slipping" as well, because slipping and bananas=comedy gold.

We don't make the rules.

Nor do the shops and eateries that serve banana-flavored goodies. The popular fruit has multiple national food holidays each year -- April 15 for Banana Day, Aug. 25 for Banana Split Day, and Aug. 27 for Banana Lovers Day -- and places that do a lot of mashing for their meals like to celebrate the kitchen's most famously dangle-able fruit. (Truly -- bowls and bananas are seen more rarely in these days of pre-made banana hangers.)

Magnolia Bakery will pause to mark the Aug. 27 banana bash with a special cupcake spin: The Banana Pudding Cupcake, a creation that comes complete with a Nilla wafer, sweet banana curd, and something on top called "banana pudding cream," which might actually be the three most soothing words to ever appear in a row.

Wait, did we lose you? Are you already queued outside the West Third Street pastry shop? Because the siren call of "banana pudding cream" is too difficult to resist?

Well hang tight -- as tight as a banana bunch dangling from a pre-made banana hanger. The dates for The Banana Pudding Cupcake availability are Aug. 27 through 30.

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There's some hashtagging and Instagramming and potential contest winning to be done, too, and an Aug. 27 deal with UberEats (it involves a free treat), so make your way to the Magnolia site to learn all.

Or just be there on National Banana Lovers Day, for a fruitastic spin on the traditional gooey cupcake. We're not sure if banana pudding is the very favorite food of many people, but for those who count it as their #1 must-eat, the last weekend in August will absolutely brim with a-peel.

We said it again. Shrug? Smiley face. 

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