OC Butterflies Are Taking Over Social Media

The Irvine Ranch Conservancy is connecting at-homers with the fluttery inhabitants of the flowery area through the first day of May.

Irvine Ranch Conservancy

What to Know

  • Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks
  • Learn about butterflies during the Butterfly Social Media Takeover
  • Through May 1 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

What sort of things might a butterfly actually "take over"?

A flower's petal, perhaps. A large leaf, sure. A stem poking out of a shrub, okay.

But social media? Butterflies always seem too busy to update their followers, given how often we see them on the go, go, go.

So much to pollinate, so little time to post.

Good thing that the humans behind the Irvine Ranch Conservancy in Orange County A) love butterflies and B) can post to social media. And these butterfly fans are spending the last days of April, and the very first day of May, butterflying-up our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.

For it is time for the Butterfly Social Media Takeover, a multi-day event which will find three local butterflies, each and every day, starring in the info-cool spotlight.

And when we say "local," we do mean local to the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks, "OC's only National Natural Landmark."

It's a spacious spread, covering almost "... 40,000 acres of open space on the historic Irvine Ranch," and it is home to a whole caboodle of butterflies, or a kaleidoscope, if you prefer.

These pretty pollinators do adore flitting about the many wildflowers that spring up around Irvine Ranch come April, meaning a stroll through its poppies and fiddlenecks will almost guarantee a butterfly sighting.

But as our strolling-through-poppies days are currently on hold, in response to COVID-19, the butterflies are coming to us on social media.

The Common Ringlet, the Acmon Blue, and the Western Monarch were all featured on April 27, but more butterflies will zoom through our scrolls in the days just ahead.

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