This Famous Shrimp Tray Deal Is No Tall Tail

San Pedro Fish Market has donated over 1,200 World Famous Shrimp Trays to first responders; now it has a limited-time discount for SoCal's seafood fans.

San Pedro Fish Market

What to Know

  • San Pedro Fish Market (delivery only; dine-in temporarily closed)
  • The World Famous Shrimp Tray is $20 through May 3 via Grubhub
  • The market has donated over 1,200 trays to local first responders

Without thinking too long on the topic, or consulting your spouse, or going back over your dine-out diary, or pondering your favorite meals, you could probably come up with our region's ten best-known dishes.

It's a highly subjective matter, and everyone is going to alight on their go-to eateries, those food-perfect places that have perfected a particular style of cooking.

But you can bet that the World Famous Shrimp Tray, the well-spiced centerpiece of the San Pedro Fish Market, would make it onto many Angelenos' Best Eats o' Southern California list.

Why? It's incredibly shrimpy, for starters, and it includes onions and tomatoes, and bell peppers, and potatoes, too.

Is it spiced in just the way you want briny bites to be spiced? Yep.

Is there something carb-y on the side, to help you scoop it all up? Yep again, though choosing between a tortilla and garlic bread is a difficult must-do.

So loved is this tray, which is typically shareable among four people (depending upon how many shrimps each of those people can devour), that the market decided to donate over 1,200 to local first responders in San Pedro, Long Beach, and Los Angeles, as a way to show their thanks during the coronavirus response.

But the spirit of gratitude is growing: The fish-focused restaurant is offering the World Famous Shrimp Tray to its local fans for twenty bucks, through May 3, when they order through Grubhub.

That's right: The tray is typically priced at $59.99, but it will go for this special price through the first Sunday in May.

Again, you'll need to order through Grubhub to snag the special, which has been created especially for local lovers of the tray.

It's also available nationwide through Goldbelly and Amazon, if you're not in the Grubhub delivery area, though note the $20 deal is for locals only.

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