Opening: Holiday Ice Rink at Pershing Square

The seasonal attraction makes its annual downtown debut.

If one of your holiday traditions is to perform a single twirl at the exact center of the Holiday Ice Rink at Pershing Square, and you've observed your annual ritual with a frosty-fun faithfulness each and every year, you've now twirled, wait for it, 18 times.

Which, we don't need to tell you, is an impressive and commendable amount of twirlage. And we also don't need to tell you, then, that the seasonal downtown attraction has tied on the blade-rocking shoes and is currently gliding into its 19th annual outing at The Historic Core rink.

That 19th season opens on Thursday, Nov. 10, and, as is tradition, it'll keep the cold-weather high jinks pirouetting right into the middle of January.

But it isn't all doing laps around the sunshiny rink, or even enacting your annual single twirl at its center, if that's your thing: There are special dates and doings on the Holiday Ice Rink calendar, from the DJ Spotlight Series to the brand-new Silent Night Skate Party.

There's going to be some sportiness, too, to the scene, with the session that gives first-timers a chance to learn the art of curling. And as for the Polar Bear Skate? It's a yearly thing, and one that doesn't involve mittens and scarves so much as tank tops and shorts or swimsuits. (Brrr, right? Right.)

Bai is the sponsor, tickets are now available online, and admission'll cost you nine bucks (with another four dollars needed to rent skates, if you don't have your own pair slung over your shoulder when you arrive).

Lastly, while other attractions and events have a way of closing shop on Christmas and New Year's Day, the Holiday Ice Rink keeps opening hours (and sees quite a few revelers looking to work off some pie while playing with family members out on the ice).

Are you ready for your tradition? One twirl at the center of the Pershing Square ice rink? Or whatever whimsical thing you've done at the 7,200-square-foot rectangle each and every year for the better part of two decades?

The cold/hard/frosty/fun surface is now chilling and ready to welcome frolickers (as of Nov. 10, 2016). Happy twirl time, Southern Californians.

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