Order a Pretty Bouquet From The Flower Fields

The colorful Carlsbad destination is a glorious place to visit in the spring, but you can also enjoy its blooms at home.

Marcie Gonzalez

What to Know

  • The Carlsbad attraction, which is famous for Giant Tecolote Ranunculus, is open from March 1 through Mother's Day each year
  • Peak bloom traditionally arrives in April, but the destination features festive and flowery events throughout its run
  • You can order $59.99 (plus shipping and taxes) ranunculus bouquets online

California is well-known for its wondrous expanses of ethereal blossoms, the sort of stunning spring-sweet spaces where oodles of flowers seem to go on forever.

Or, if not "forever," then for very, very long distances.

So many of us love to call upon these picturesque places in March, April, and May, of course. And to help future visitors enjoy these experiences?

We leave the blooms we've just seen, and sighed over, right where they are, so the people who call upon the spectacular spot after we depart will also know that same fantastical feeling, of flowers spilling in every direction.

But what can you do if you would like a petal-y souvenir or two, to remind you of a garden you adore? The Flower Fields has an answer, and it is as sweet as sashaying along a row of perfectly plump-headed Giant Tecolote Ranunculus blooms.

You can order bouquets straight from the world-famous Carlsbad attraction, a bustling bloom bastion that observes daily hours from March 1 through Mother's Day each year.

Eight different bunches, all lovely and bright and full of petal-packed panache, are now available for shipping via The Flower Fields site.

The bouquets are $59.99, and shipping and taxes are additional fees.

You're also able to write a message to the person receiving this beautiful bunch o' flowery sweetness, too.

If you are sending the bouquet, by the way, does that make you the bouquetee, and the person receiving the flowers the bouqueter?

We're not sure of the proper terminology, but playing the bouquetee now and then seems like a nice thing to do, especially for a grateful bouqueter who adores the ranunculus flower, a garden superstar famous for its densely packed petals.

The available bouquets, by the by, feature several different hues, with red dominating some of the bunches, and yellow adding a heap of sunshine to others. And within each bouquet? You can expect 30 stems, a bloomful bounty.

You can also go with a bunch that is all orange or all white.

"Color options are subject to availability and weather conditions," is the word on the main shop page, so keep that in mind as you browse the offerings.

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