Oscars Outdoors Opens: Snack and “Sunset Boulevard” It Up

The pictures may have gotten small, but this food-nice event is big.

Vine Street has been called Vine Street for over a century now, but we do wonder if Hollywood's early denizens could have known all of the creative rhyming they would one day inspire by dubbing the north-south thoroughfare the seemingly unmalleable "Vine."

The intersection of Hollywood & Vine soon became iconic, as did Sunset & Vine, leading to dozens of spin-off names that rhyme with "Vine."

The latest, and perhaps tastiest? Sunset & Dine, which definitely has significant Tinseltown cred: It's the dinner-movie event that celebrates the opening of Oscars Outdoors, the summertime movie series from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

The second Sunset & Dine sets up the screen-adjacent tables on Thursday, June 13.

Small bites, beer, and wine are on the trays, and many of the restaurants are neighbors to the Vine & Fountain-close location. (Hi, El Floridita and K&L Wines.) Even that McDonald's behind ArcLight Hollywood is in the swing, so call it a Vine-centric smorgasbord.

And the evening's big after-food film? Oh, it's a little-known flick that fans hope'll find an audience one day: "Sunset Boulevard."

We josh. Is there another movie that's as symbolic or sardonic or as utterly in love and/or loathe with the movie-making business? The Billy Wilder-directed masterpiece has worn its well-earned crown for over 60 years and there haven't been any true contenders yet.

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Wait, that's so cold of us. Let us pause and think about whether any other about-Hollywood movie can topple Norma Desmond's throne... (thinking) Nope. Nope. No. Nope. It's the best, period.

A ticket to Sunset & Dine is thirty five bucks and can be purchased at Amoeba and Fabiolus Cucina.

Now, how to pass the snacking time before the movie rolls? We'd come up with some new rhymes for "Vine" that are both catchy and timeless. Has Sunset & Pine been used? We're seeing a forest-themed coffee shop right on that corner, a little nature in the city.

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