Pasadena Humane: Free Adoption Day

Adoption fees will be taken care of, so go meet your new best rabbit friend, or kitten pal, or reptile BFF...

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA hasn't hit capacity, in terms of the number of animals it is currently caring for, but it is headed in that direction.

It's a pretty common thing at the busy shelter, being especially full of furry ones when temperatures get toasty and more animals are out and about (and the Fourth of July, too, sees a number of pups spooked by loud noises).

So to address the urgent need of pairing beasties with new human besties, and getting these shelter-living critters into their forever, loving homes, Pasadena Humane hosts an annual Free Adoption Day each year, right around the time that the heat revs up.

That would be now, quite obviously, so you can bet the free adoption drive is just ahead for the Raymond Avenue center. And so it is: Thursday, June 22 is the date, and "all available animals — including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, pocket pets and reptiles — will be sponsored thanks to a donation by Carol Ann Kirby." 

Ms. Kirby is a member of the Pasadena Humane board and a longtime supporter of animals.

So what's covered? Vaccines, you bet. A microchip, for sure. And a check-'em-over health-and-wellness exam is gratis for adopters, as is spaying or neutering. You'll also leave with a "goody bag" which will get you started on the daily care of your new fur-covered or scale-covered or feather-laden lovebug.

The yearly adoption event has paired a lot of pets with a lot of people in the past: In 2016, some 44 cats went home with their new families, and 19 dogs, too. Oh, yes, and let us not forget the critters who aren't feline or canine: Eight of those cuties met their new people parents and siblings during the Free Adoption Day in 2016.

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One final thing to note before you head for the historic Crown City animal care destination: Do you need to reside in Pasadena to adopt?

You do not. Residents hailing from all cities are welcome, though keep in mind that you'll need to go through the traditional adoption paperwork and such before you can bundle your baby pup/cat/lizard/bird into the backseat.

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