Passover Staples Are Plentiful at the Original Farmers Market

From roasts to horseradish, the landmark at the corner of Third & Fairfax has the makings of a memorable seder supper.


What to Know

  • Passover begins on March 27
  • 6333 W. 3rd Street
  • Brisket, apples, horseradish, pickles, more

Thinking of your favorite food on the Passover table?

The choices are plentiful, the textures, spices, and flavors delightfully run the gourmet gamut, and finding quality ingredients is an important part of the holiday gathering.

If you're going the take-out route in 2021, that is a delicious choice, and a number of restaurants and destinations around town, from the Skirball Cultural Center to SLAB to Akasha, have seder supper favorites on their menus.

But if you're hoping to make all of the dishes from scratch, or at least the ones you love the most, dropping by the Original Farmers Market, the breezy public market at the corner of Third & Fairfax, will help your holiday-amazing menu come together.

For the historic market has long been a gourmand go-to for the traditional springtime Jewish observance, providing all sorts of memorable main courses, condiments, and desserts for seders around Southern California.

One such condiment, the housemade horseradish sold at Magee's Kitchen, has achieved near-legendary status as a seder must-have over the decades, but the hearty briskets and roasts found at Marconda's Meats and Huntington Meats are also as famous and talked-about.

The team behind the Original Farmers Market has shared a helpful post that's packed with tasty suggestions for Passover 2021, including where to find excellent apples for your meal-ending sweet and tangy pickles as a crunchy palate pleaser.

The businesses are open, as is outdoor dining, at this icon of Passover planning, family togetherness, and easy, open-air'd shopping experiences.

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