‘PAWliticians' Run for Mayor of an Animal Adoption Center

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Helen Woodward Animal Center/ Peter Dazeley
The race is on to pick the Helen Woodward Animal Center's first mayor. Several worthy candidates, some with hooves, some with paws, and one with a beak, are in the running.
The center shares the inspiring news: "Six Center animal favorites were nominated last week with campaign promises that include… an ever-present "happy-go-lucky attitude," absolutely "no fowl play" while in office, and a pledge to carry the responsibilities of the job on a "strong back." Pictured: Jack
"Running for office are equine resident Angel, long-time orphan pup Kyle, Humane Education parrot Tasha, Humane Education goat Millie, Therapeutic Riding instructor horse Jack, and long-time orphan cat Ms. Cake." Pictured: Kyle
"The political temperature is tough right now," said Helen Woodward Education Manager Haylee Blake. "We are hearing that a record-number of people are casting their votes in this year’s election and that party lines are more sharply drawn than ever before." Pictured: Millie
"For kids, the tension can feel scary and overwhelming. But cute fuzzy faces have a way of bringing people together and we’re hoping to get families talking about politics in a more light-hearted way." Pictured: Tasha
In addition to voting, visitors to the center's site might also paws, er, pause and get to know more about its animal adoption program. There are cats and dogs looking for loving homes right now. Pictured: Miss Cake
Vote through Nov. 3 at the Helen Woodward Animal Center site. The mayoral announcement will be made on Nov. 5. Best of luck to all the candidates! Pictured: Angel
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