Peach Doughnut Time at The Donut Man

It's one of the most mouthwatering moments on the local confection-based calendar.

As far as pairing peaches and strawberries in the same tart or pie or cake or ice cream-topping sauce?

It does happen, now and then, and there's no arguing otherwise. But you're more apt to find peaches cozying up to other stone fruits, like apricots, in many classic desserts, while strawberries are all buddy-buddy with the other berries of the world, from blue to boysen to black to huckle.

Where the friendship of peaches and strawberries glimmers brightest, though, at least around Southern California, is in Glendora. And when we say "glimmers" we mean the sort of sweet shimmer that a juicy fruit-stuffed doughnut gives off when a ray of light falls upon its moist middle.

Ah, we just gave away the big reveal: It's The Donut Man we're talking about here, a morning-starting icon of the Glendora area since 1972.

And while strawberries stick to their own doughnut at the shop, and peaches appear in their own soft, chewy pastry, the strawberry doughnut and peach doughnut, which are both seasonal treats, are both huge with The Donut Man's faithful customer base.

It's a customer base that keeps an eye on social media to see when strawberry doughnuts come back into season (usually in the later winter) and when the peach doughnuts make their all-too-brief cameo (around the middle of summer).

Strawberry Doughnut Season kicked off at the start of February 2017 and is still truckin' on, tangily, while Peach Doughnut Season, which traditionally has a shorter window, opened on July 19.

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These overpacked beauties, which are crammed full of fruit-a-tude, are rightly famous in a region that is known worldwide for its superior doughnut-making arts.

The Donut Man recommends "calling ahead of time" to ensure you'll have one of these peachy and popular pastries. They're $4.25 each, and cash or check is the way to go regarding payment.

Calling ahead is good advice when one of the most glistening go-tos of summer gourmand goodies is the foodstuff in question.

People like the peach doughnut, they buy it, they eat it, and then, in a matter of weeks or months? Peach Doughnut Season is done, even before our fingertips have fully de-sticky'd.

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