Pi Day Is Here, and the Pie Deals are Sweet

Make that sweet and savory, for March 14 is about pizza pie in addition to the classic 'n crusty dessert.

The Pie Hole/Pieology

What to Know

  • March 14, or 3.14, if you prefer, is Pi Day
  • The date is a reference to the mathematical constant, but also pie
  • Local restaurants will offer a host of pie-themed deals, with dessert pies and pizzas in the savings-filled spotlight

When purchasing a piece of pie, or a slice of pizza, numbers will invariably come up, at some point in the transaction, either appearing on a register read-out or a bill.

And those numbers?

You can say, with certainty, even before you order the dessert or dinner you want, that the numbers will not go on and on and on. The bill, in short, will not go on forever and forever, and the receipt will likely be small enough to fit in your pocket.

But pi?

The mathematical constant does involve numbers, many, many numbers. But this is handy: The three famous digits most associated with pi, the numbers found at its very beginning, also happen to correspond with a date on the calendar.

That date? It's March 14, or 3.14, if you prefer, which is how pi begins (we won't proceed to type out further numbers, for you likely have things to do and places to be).

And to honor Pi Day, in a gooey-of-crust, melty-of-cheese way?

A few eateries around Southern California will offer a range of specials on March 14.

Pieology is hosting Free Pizza Fridays on social media all March long. If that tempts, and we suspect it does, you'll want to comment on the number of toppings you like.

At 5 o'clock on March 14? Winners will be chosen.

Additionally? "Pieology will be celebrating with double the points for Pie Life Reward members who download the app and join our circle of family, friends and community," shares the company.

Finding a personal cheese pizza for $3.14 on March 14? That's possible, via the Round Table Pizza Royal Reward App. The deal is open to both "new and existing members," and available at participating locations.

And at The Pie Hole? A few pie-perfect haps are afoot. Earl Grey Tea, one of the company's top sellers, is now available for all-around-the-USA shipping, sweet.

But even sweeter? The company is visiting John Marshall High School on March 14, all to "... host a series of math-related games and contests in which all participating students who show their knowledge of the infamous number Pi will receive a pie prize from The Pie Hole."

Company co-founder Sean Brennan taught in the high school's Special Education department for a half-decade, so the Pi Day visit is a heartwarming homecoming.

"Returning to my roots for National Pi Day offering students an incentive to engage in math in an exciting and fun way brings everything full circle for me," said Mr. Brennan.

"Our plan is to foster our relationship with John Marshall High and other LAUSD schools year-round by supporting teachers, students and programs with our love for pie and empowering new generations through academia."

Need more pie inspo on March 14? Instacart shared America's favorite pies, with a state-by-state rundown (California's has some definite fall vibes).

Is your local pizzeria or pie shop offering the savings on March 14? Stop by and see, and be sure to wish your favorite pie pro a very happy Pi Day, the most nummy and number-y day of the year.

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