Valentine's Day

Put a Love Note on the Big Screen at Alamo Drafthouse

Catching a flick on Valentine's Day? There's a way to express your amour before the show.

Zane Roessell

What to Know

  • Feb. 14, 2020
  • Purchase by Feb. 7
  • $5 (Alamo Drafthouse will donate the money to charity); movie ticket is separate

So you arrived for your movie early, in order to find your seat, to settle in, to make sure all of your snacks were in place, and to catch up with your friend before the "no talking" time commenced.

And, of course, to see whatever the cinema decides to throw on the big screen, be it an advertisement, a movie trailer, or some other entertaining video or slide.

What if, though, you could express your affection for the person at your side via a big-screen slide, the kind of picture that pops up, huge-style, before a movie begins?

You can, at Alamo Drafthouse, on Friday, Feb. 14, if you're at a specific screening geared to sweethearts. For the DTLA theater, which opened at THE BLOC in 2019, is inviting guests to create a love note, the kind of message that will appear large on the screen ahead of the feature.

A few things to know? This festive feature is only available for select Feb. 14 showings at Alamo Drafthouse, and you'll know it is available for your chosen show because you'll see the option to write your love note at ticket check-out.

The cost for a note? It's a fiver, and that will be donated to charity.

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You'll need to purchase your love note, and movie tickets, by Feb. 7, and then, of course, you'll need to keep your peepers peeled, pre-movie, in order to watch for your note to come up.

Maybe even have your camera ready, too, to capture the moment.

Need more info? Contact Alamo Drafthouse well in advance of the Heartsiest Day of the Year.

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