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In Memoriam: Goodbye to the Demolished Buildings of the Decade



    In Memoriam: Goodbye to the Demolished Buildings of the Decade
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    LOS ANGELES - OCTOBER 21: The decaying Ambassador Hotel, best know as the site where Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated, is seen on October 21, 2004 in Los Angeles, California. To the disappointment of preservationists, most of the historic 1921 hotel which hosted six Oscar ceremonies and was the site of the swanky Coconut Grove nightclub will be demolished to made way for a school for 4,240 students. The hotel has been decaying since it closed in 1989 and the LA Board of Education took over the site, renting it out for movie shoots. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

    LOS ANGELES AND BEYOND: Los Angeles's indifference to its own history is infamous (and sometimes exaggerated) -- we built a lot of brand new landmarks this decade, but we tore down a lot of old ones. Here is Curbed LA's Oscar-style montage of some of the notable buildings demolished this decade. (The music, however, is in honor of the Carpenters' fans, still fighting the good fight to save the band's house in Downey.)

    Gilmore Bank, via Wildbell

    Wolfe House, via The Post Usonian Project and Platial

    Pink Palace, via The Diana-Morrissey Phenomenon

    Maslon House, via Architecture Week

    Original Hollywood Bowl Orchestra Shell, via Wikipedia

    Biltmore Hotel, via and via PS Modcom

    Ambassador Hotel, via da90027 and you-are-here

    RAND Headquarters, via Santa Monica Civic Center Public Parks

    Mullen and Bluett, Wilshire, via jericl cat

    Casablanca Hangar, Van Nuys Airport, via you-are-here

    Mann National Theater, via you-are-here

    Santa Monica Ficus Trees, via Curbed LA

    Lou Ehlers Cadillac, via

    Bob's Big Boy, Wilshire, via

    Columbia Savings, via you-are-here

    Lost in the Aughts from curbed los angeles on Vimeo.

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