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Get Outta My Face!

Will paparazzi be banned from LAX?



    Get Outta My Face!
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    Up close and personal: Actor Brad Pitt and actress Angelina Jolie arrive with their kids at New Tokyo airport. Imagine what it's like in paparazzi-swarmed LAX.

    We've all seen the footage of flashing bulbs crowding around Angelina Jolie and her brood as they try to get through airport security. Some celebs may crave the constant attention (yes, Paris and Lindsay, we mean you). But many will be thrilled to hear there's a movement by LA city councilmembers to tighten up the rules for celebrity photogs at LAX.

    Is this the work of some frustrated famous person using their influence for privacy, or are lives really in danger? Between the fatal Princess Diana chase and countless reports of celebrity arrests over broken cameras, it seems high time to take the matter seriously. Heck, most people get cranky when their own spouses snap candids when they're sans makeup and in sweats.

    What do you think -- is the airport fair game, or has the Hollywood machine gone too far?