Resolution Time: Nighttime Run Revs Up 2015

The New Year's Race hoofs it around downtown and Dodger Stadium.

We mean... gosh. We don't even know how to answer your question "do New Year's resolutions start on New Year's Day, if New Year's Day is a Thursday, or do they start the following Monday, as Mondays tend to be the official resolution-starting days?"

That is your pressing question of the moment, right? Do you party-hearty through the weekend or buckle down, with commitment, at 12:01 on Jan. 1, ready to resolve, renew, and create You 2.0? (Or whatever You is up next?)

If you're in the latter group -- and, let's be honest, we all should be -- then here's your during-the-weekend chance to make a resolution real: New Year's Race Los Angeles.

At first glance, it feels like the unusual twist to this half marathon/10K/5K/Kids Fun Run is that it lands only days, or hours, really, after the start of the new year, meaning a whole caboodle of resolution-makers'll be out running (as well as those who've made keeping to resolutions a hold-fast lifestyle).

But the other twist is this: The Saturday, Jan. 3 race happens at night. Nifty? Neato? Yes, nifty and neato both, especially since you'll be hoofing it through a darkened downtown. Picture skyscraper windows and City Hall and all of those landmarkian sights, with lights upon them.

It's a different way to do the miles (versus blinking into the morning sun). In short: No sunblock required.

The half-marathon route pays a visit to Elysian Park, and the kidly run starts before sundown. Both good-to-knows. Also good to know? The wrap-it-up party parties on to 11:30 p.m. at Grand Park.

Resolution not-keeping is pretty boring, right? But more yawn-inducing than that is the inner bargaining that goes on as to when resolutions actually kick off.

The new year is the new year, and not the following Monday, so Spandex-up and find your jogging bud for an atmospheric and cinematic dash through downtown by night.

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