Rosh Hashanah Dinner: Modern Jewish Cooking Class

Hosting this year's feast? Find tips and ideas at BLVD Kitchen in Sherman Oaks.

Alighting on just what to serve at your Rosh Hashanah dinner?

Culinary creativity, sheer spark, knowing what your guests like, and honoring the tradition of the table all weaves through the annual September rite.

The planning can feel like a tall order, each and every year, especially if you haven't played host for awhile. And while the Jewish new year celebration is still a few days off as of this typing — it begins on Wednesday, Sept. 20 in 2017 — gathering your gourmet ingredients, and necessary foodstuffs, should begin at once, or very soon.

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Helping the whole joyful and not-so-daunting process out? BLVD Kitchen in Sherman Oaks, which is offering a Modern Jewish Cooking class on Thursday, Sept. 14. A few spots remain for the three-hour seminar, which will give students a chance to learn how to cook "a simple, stunning, modern meal, just in time for the holidays!"

A peek at the menu? It's as tantalizing as a special feast should be. Moroccan-spiced brisket is the savory centerpiece, while sweet potato kugel, a vegetable salad (with a fall theme, natch), and honey apple cake fill out the remaining courses.

Sweet. Potato. Kugel. If ever there was an edible that was both spicily celebratory and fully comfort-food-y, all at once.

The class cost is $85, and there's an opportunity to note any dietary restrictions before you sign up.

Eager to welcome the coming year in a share-the-joy, pass-the-dishes way with your family, neighbors, close friends, and everyone planning on sitting at your table this year? BLVD Kitchen can help out, deliciously.

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