Seafood, Ahoy: Redondo Beach Lobster Festival

Sit down to a lobster dinner, sunshine, and ocean breezes at Seaside Lagoon.

Redondo Beach Lobster Festival

Spending the first day of fall dining at a beloved, Atlantic-coast seafood shack, somewhere in lovely Maine?

You'd probably enjoy a few breezes that spoke more to autumn's crispness than summer's warmth. You'd probably gaze upon the water and savor the moment. And you'd probably get a little butter on your shirt, too, while supping upon Maine lobster.

It turns out that all of that can be savored right here in Southern California over the first weekend of fall. There's a lobster party afoot — it's the Redondo Beach Lobster Festival — and it happens at Seaside Lagoon, not far from the pier, meaning you'll get your ocean-gazing in, should you desire that (as everyone should).

As for the fall temperatures? They're happening, at least for another day, and the Maine lobster? That's on the menu of the Sept. 22 through 24 festival.

It's a food-themed to-do that wraps up a hearty regional run of big, clawful festivals. The Port of Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and Long Beach have all hosted tie-a-bib-on lobster larks over the last couple of months, but that season is notably winding down.

But not just yet. Choose your dinner at the Redondo Beach fest — a couple of lobster dinners, a surf 'n turf option, and a steak supper are your options — and buy your admission. It's sold separately from the dinners, do note, so if you just want to attend the festival, and not go lobster or steak, you'll only need to pay the entry.

Ayline Amirayan, English Beat, and Soul Shaker are just three of the artists/acts on the stage, so make time for dancing, listening, clapping along, or singing along when the singer invites the crowd to join in.

And the on-site Lobster Bistro? It's an eat-themed area that gives seafood mavens a different way to try lobster, in a bevy of dishes, from lobster corn chowder to mac 'n cheese.

Dinner prices, admission prices, the music line-up, and all you need to know is found here. 

It's a falltime lobster feast, with Maine lobster, and while it is surf-close, and the weather is temptingly cool for the moment, you really are in LA, and not on the Atlantic, though it may feel as though you are.

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