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Search Fur and Wide for Your Own ‘Furry Valentine'

LA Animal Services is hosting a weekend-long adoption event, which will include lower fees for dogs as well as free cat and kitten adoptions.


What to Know

  • Feb. 13 and 14 at LA Animal Services online
  • Dog adoption fees will be lowered by $50, while cat and kitten adoption fees will be waived
  • When you've chosen an animal, the department will schedule a pick-up date

Valentine's cards express our ardor, our emotion, and our friendship-based fealty in a host of happy, humorous, and ultra-adorable ways.

But if you reside with an animal, you know that you don't have to wait for the 14th day of February to arrive, not when you can tell your little tail-rocking tyke "I love you" a dozen times each day.

A dozen times? Does that seem low to you, given a pet owner's propensity for repeating their declarations of love several times in a row while snuggling a cat or dog?

Yeah, we thought that, too.

If you're a big I-love-you-er with animals, and you're seeking a new sweetheart to spoil, LA Animal Services has your perfect virtual adoption event.

My Furry Valentine, a major pair pets-with-homes happening, is scheduled for Feb. 13 and 14.

And the traditional adoption fees for Fidos and felines? In some cases, they'll disappear as quickly as candies from a heart-shaped box.

Good to know? There will be some fees for dog adoptions, but this is so nice: Dog adoption fees will drop by $50, all weekend long. Do keep in mind that you'll still need to pay the $20 license fee on your brand-new baby.

Both cat and kitten adoption fees will be waived on both days. The Paula Kent Meehan Pet Care Foundation is sponsoring the cat adoptions while the waived kitten fees are courtesy of ASPCA.

"We hope to find loving homes for every pet that’s in the LA City Animal Services Centers," said Bill Crowe, Director of the Paula Kent Meehan Pet Care Foundation.

He continued, "This weekend is the perfect time to fall in love with a new furry friend!"

If you do find a Furry Valentine, the department recommends sharing a photo on social media, along with the tags #LAcitypets and #LAAnimalServices, all to spend the love-filled message of animal adoption fur, er, far and wide.

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